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The Civic Trust Home Page The latest from the Civic Trust.

Had your say on the Civic Societies discussion forum yet?

Do you have a burning question to ask the entire membership? Do you have a local issue that you think could potentially affect the entire movement? Have you seen something in the news that you would like to discuss with like-minded people? Then join our membership discussion forum. The forum is open to all Civic Society members. You don't have to be a committee member so long as we can prove you belong to a registered Civic Trust member society. Since our new website was created, a few people have posted some interesting topics which await your points of view. To view some of the current discussions see the links on the right-hand sidebar. Why not click on any one of them now to have your say?

Draft Heritage Protection Bill

The Civic Trust would like to encourage more participation in the consultation of The Draft Heritage Protection Bill. As with the Planning Bill, your views are integral to our collective response. We are aware that most communities have strong feelings about their own heritage and it is important that those voices are heard.

The Bill,has been in gestation since 2001 and was published on April 2nd. It is unusually in the form of a draft, subject for consultation, and views are still sought on its form and content.

Minister Andy Burnham says:
"Heritage protection is as important as anything else we do in this Department. We welcome the widest possible debate and, if there are proposals for further changes, we will consider them carefully in the light of all the views expressed. I am grateful for the time and trouble that so many organisations and individuals have taken getting us to this point."

For more info on the bill click here.

Heritage Open Days-11th -14th September

Heritage Open Days 2008 will run from 11th to 14th September this year. This event sees buildings, old and modern, across England, that are usually closed to the public or that would normally charge, throw their doors wide open. HODs thrives on the enthusiasm and expertise of local people. Over 100 societies take part in HODS each year. It is an excellent opportunity to recruit new members. To find out more or to take part, see http://www.heritageopendays.org.uk. There are similar but separate events in Wales, Scotland, Ireland and London - http://www.heritagedays.net.

Have YOU swapped Gardening or DIY for Internet Surfing?

A report launched by AXA in February this year has found Britain's pensioners have become a generation of silvers surfers. The research reveals what it's really like to be a pensioner in 11 countries across the globe, exploring everything from money worries to how they spend their days.The report claims that using the internet is the preferred hobby of pensioners as four in ten retired people say they are regular e-shoppers . The report all adds that 88% of silver surfers chat regularly with friends and family over the internet .

Are you part of this silver surfer generation? The Civic Trust would like to hear from you. Join the forum debate? We are aware that only a small percentage of our members are on emails we would like to why as trends show the opposite is true of people that fit the profile of your membership.

Millions of AOPs in Britain still hungry for e-learning

Digital Unite (DU) is partnering once again with Ofcom to deliver the seventh annual Silver Surfers' Day, on the Friday of Adult Learners' Week, May 23rd. Devised in 2002 by DU, SSD is the biggest annual media literacy campaign aimed at older people. It galvanises an army of organisations, large and small, around the country to give good 'taster' experiences of the Internet and email.


Supermarkets and Competition

After two years, the competition commission have released their report on Supermarkets today (April 30th). One of the main recommendations in the report is that supermarkets should have to face a new test to improve competition in local markets. This test would mean permission would be refused for a new supermarket if a store owned by the same company was less than a 10 minute drive away or if the new store would give the company more than a 605 share of the local grocery market.

Whilst this could halt the creation of "Tesco Towns" where one company dominates the food market in a particular area, there are fears from groups representing independent retailers that the proposed test would simply favour supermarket chains looking to move into an area currently dominated by rivals rather than small businesses.

Post your views and see the views of others in the Supermarkets and Competition part of the Discussion Forum.

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