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Civic Voice - talking civic sense

Convention and AGM update

www.civicvoice.org.uk | 0151 708 9920 | info@civicvoice.org.uk | @civic_voice

Civic Voice convention, AGM and awards

With less than four weeks to go we are now in the final stages of preparing for the first Civic Voice Convention and AGM on 8 and 9 October. We want to update members and supporters on some important details about registering for the event and making arrangements in advance for proxies. This email is also your opportunity to vote on the best civic society websites and newsletters which have been entered for our Awards, to be announced at the Convention.

1. Join us - the Convention and AGM is an important landmark in the development of the civic movement. It provides an opportunity to be updated on what Civic Voice has achieved, to shape our priorities and to meet and learn about what other civic societies and volunteers are doing. You will also be able to meet our Chair, Paula Ridley, and other trustees. There is a mix of tours, social events, discussions and more formal business and there will be stalls from NCVO, English Heritage, Bluefin and others. We still have places available and would be delighted if you could join us. The Convention costs just £20, including the tours, evening buffet and lunch. The event is open to all members of groups that have joined Civic Voice and our individual supporters. It is being held at the Great Northern Hotel, Peterborough and is being hosted by Peterborough Civic Society, with support from Peterborough Council and Opportunity Peterborough. All the information you need to register and attend the AGM and Convention is available at http://www.civicvoice.org.uk/about/meetings/peterborough-2010-agm.

2. Apologies - we know that not everyone will be able to attend the AGM for various reasons so if you would like your apologies recorded, please email info@civicvoice.org.uk or call 0151 708 9920. All apologies will be minuted.

3. Proxies - members will be asked to appoint auditors and ratify the appointment of Chair and Treasurer at the AGM. Civic societies who have joined Civic Voice can vote and a representative will be given a voting slip on arrival. If you are unable to attend and want to appoint a proxy to vote on your behalf then please let us know the name of your proxy in writing by 11am on 6th October to info@civicvoice.org.uk. We cannot accept proxies by phone. There have been no member resolutions submitted for the AGM and so there will be plenty of opportunity for discussion both during the AGM and informally outside it to shape Civic Voice's priorities.

4. Website and newsletter awards - there has been an excellent response from your fellow civic societies to the competition to find the best civic society website and newsletter - these awards are being supported by the specialist communications agency Forster. Now is your opportunity to vote for the final shortlist. To look at the entries and cast your votes please visit http://www.civicvoice.org.uk/civicvoiceawards and let us know by 5pm on Friday 1 October.

If you want any additional information then please do not hesitate to contact Ian Harvey on info@civicvoice.org.uk or 0151 708 9920


Ian Harvey info@civicvoice.org.uk

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