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Issue 1 September 2010
Civic Voice - talking civic sense

Civic Day

www.civicday.org.uk | 0151 708 9920 | civicday@civicvoice.org.uk | @civic_voice


Welcome to the first issue of Civic Day - a dedicated bulletin devoted to keeping you in touch with preparations for Saturday June 25th 2011 and for you to shape events. This issue updates you with progress and asks all civic societies to send in an "expression of interest" to say you are keen to be involved.

In this issue

Welcome for Civic Day

Civic Day has been widely welcomed across the civic movement after it was announced publicly by our President, Griff Rhys Jones, on 22 July. There is a thirst for getting involved and lots of questions too! We want Civic Day to be a nationwide initiative that helps civic societies showcase what you are doing and allows people to discover more about where they live. We are already hearing from societies who are planning on holding open days, giving new building awards, undertaking street clutter surveys, working with local schools, organising exhibitions and setting up town trails.

We have started to pull together some of your best ideas for Civic Day here. We are also addressing your questions and you can see a list of responses to the most frequently asked here. Keep the ideas and questions coming in to civicday@civicvoice.org.uk.

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Expressions of interest

The Civic Day Team invites all civic societies (whether or not you have joined Civic Voice) to indicate an interest in participating in Civic Day. A simple form is available here and by letting us know now you will help us judge the level of support and resources we will need to provide. An expression of interest is just that - it is not binding and we will be asking you to register later. The Team is keen to know how many groups are likely to get involved, where they are and your ideas for what you might do and how Civic Voice might support you.

Please download the expression of interest form here and email it to civicday@civicvoice.org.uk by Friday October 15.

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Meet the Civic Day Team

Civic Day is being led by our Deputy Chair, Freddie Gick. Freddie is a leading member of Birmingham Civic Society and has pulled together a team of experienced volunteers from across the country. The Civic Day Team includes:

  1. Lucie Carayon (Peckham Society)
  2. Gwyneth Gibbs (Stamford Civic Society)
  3. Denise Laver (Hale Civic Society)
  4. Paul Myers (Midsomer Norton Society and Civic Voice trustee)
  5. Alan Postill (Marple Civic Society)
  6. Gillian Postill (Marple Civic Society)
  7. Diana Terry (Saddleworth Civic Society),

The Team has already met in Birmingham and is supported by Ian Harvey and Tony Burton. It plans to teleconference and meet regularly till June 25 2011 and beyond. The Civic Day Team is keen to hear more from civic societies about your ideas and suggestions as well as responding to questions. Please email your questions or comments to civicday@civicvoice.org.uk

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Help make Civic Day a success

For Civic Day to be a success we need to make the best use of all the volunteer expertise within the movement. There are plenty of ways to volunteer to contribute to the success of Civic Day. You could consider general office support including database management, assisting with telephone duties and dealing with internet enquiries. Additionally, you can get involved in something more specific such as fundraising, writing case studies and helping with publicity. Much of this work can be done at home as well as in Civic Voice's Liverpool office. If you are interested contact Ian Harvey on ian.harvey@civicvoice.org.uk or on 0151 708 9920 to find out more.

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Support available

We are keen to know what support you would find most helpful and you can let us know on the form or by emailing the Civic Day Team at civicday@civicvoice.org.uk. We know there is interest in learning more about what other civic societies are up to. We are also looking at providing prizes and certificates for local competitions if you want them. For participating Civic Voice members we are hoping to provide a small amount of financial support and run an awards scheme. We are also looking for sponsorship from businesses or trusts so do let us know if you have any suggestions or contacts who might help.

The Civic Day Team is keen to include a youth programme as an element to Civic Day for those who want it. This reflects the overwhelming desire expressed by civic societies last year to work more with younger people. We are very keen, therefore, to learn more about your plans to work with schools, youth groups or universities and what additional support might help. Additionally, if you are already working in this area and would like to share your project with others, let us know by emailing ian.harvey@civicvoice.org.uk

Experience shows organising a local Civic Day is a proven method for generating local publicity and recruiting new members so it is well worth building this into your plans.

Civic Day is already building into a key moment in the development of the civic movement and our campaign to promote civic pride. Be part of it and let us have your expression of interest as soon as you can.

Civic Day Team civicday@civicvoice.org.uk

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