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Civic Voice has arrived - welcome to the new charity for the civic movement. Civic Voice is your organisation. It is run by volunteer trustees you have chosen. We are now looking forward to welcoming more civic societies as members and campaigning on the issues that matter to you. Your Voice replaces the Initiative's Bulletin as the main form of communication within the civic movement. Please do feedback your thoughts on this newsletter and anything to do with Civic Voice.

In this issue


Nearly 200 civic society volunteers packed into the Building Centre in central London on Saturday 17thApril for the historic launch. As well as hearing Griff Rhys Jones call for "a powerful new voice speaking out on the issues that matter and helping the civic movement become ever stronger", delegates met the new trustees and had their first look at Civic Voice's new "identity" and website. Sir Terry Farrell led a discussion of the changing social, political and economic environment within which the civic movement operates, drawing on his own projects, and Tony Burton kicked off a discussion about Civic Voice's priorities. The liveliest session was lunch - with everyone catching up on news and sharing experiences with others from across the country. The day ended for many with a fascinating walk around the local area to see the work - and the impact - of Camden Civic Society. We're now looking forward to the next national meeting at our first AGM, expected in the Autumn.

Find out more about the launch here

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Raising the profile

The launch of Civic Voice has attracted new interest in the civic movement and the work of civic societies. BBC Breakfast worked with Leicester Civic Society to look at its achievements over the years and Tony Burton was on Radio 4's You and Yours. There has also been coverage in the national press and more details can be found on the Civic Voice website.

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New website

Civic Voice's new website went live at the launch - www.civicvoice.org.uk. The website run by Ian Harvey for the Civic Society Initiative has been widely praised and we hope the new website will be even better. Take a look and let us know what you think of it and what you would like to see. There is plenty of scope for making it work even harder for the civic movement - strengthening civic societies, supporting volunteers and drawing more people into our work - and we expect the website to be central to Civic Voice's plans for the future.

Visit the Civic Voice website

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Love Local - the first results are in

Three in every four of the 250 civic volunteers who have joined the Love Local campaign so far have something at risk in their area which they value. The first results are now on the website and were used to help launch Civic Voice. The campaign has now been extended to the public - encouraging them to feed in their views on what they love about where they live and opening up the civic movement to a new audience. Keep an eye on the website for the responses which will be built into a digital mosaic showing what people care about in the different parts of England.

View the Love Local campaign on the Civic Voice website

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Our identity

The website is one of the first places where you can see the new look and feel of Civic Voice, with our new logo and the strong black and white colour scheme. The logo works cleverly in three dimensions and the directional arrow can be used on pictures and on screen to reinforce Civic Voice and what we are about.

Civic societies joining Civic Voice can use the logo on their letterhead and website and we will be sending out more information about how to do this shortly.

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Meet Paula Ridley

Paula is Civic Voice's Chair. She has been involved in the civic movement for over 30 years and is Hon. Vice President of Merseyside Civic Society, following many years as Hon. Secretary. Paula played a key role in helping to save the Albert Dock in Liverpool - the largest group of Grade 1 listed buildings in the country - from both dereliction and unsuitable development in the 1980s. Paula has the experience Civic Voice needs. She is the immediate past Chairman of the Victoria and Albert Museum and was Director of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and Chair of the Liverpool Housing Action Trust, a large housing regeneration scheme in Liverpool.

On taking up the role Paula said, "Everyone now recognises that local communities are ready to take a much stronger role in shaping the future of their area. The civic movement has so much to offer and it is both an honour and a challenge to lead Civic Voice in developing a new role in promoting civic pride, with civic societies at the heart. People have a passion and pride for their local place and a concern for its future. I want to extend this passion to others."

Find out more about how Civic Voice is governed

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Join Civic Voice

More than two civic societies have joined Civic Voice every day since the doors opened in February. We now have 150 members from across the country and between them they have over 30,000 members. This is a fabulous start but Civic Voice needs more members if it is to pay its way and have the mandate it needs to speak up for the civic movement where it matters. Civic societies have been clear that they want Civic Voice to be financially independent. This means it needs to be funded by the civic movement. Only through a growing membership we can become independent: supported by the civic movement, for the civic movement.

Join Civic Voice through our website now

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Forthcoming events

Civic Voice talking to Friends of Abingdon, 28 April

Civic Voice talking to Peterborough Civic Society, 4 May

Street Pride Workshop, Wakefield 8 May

Civic Voice talking to Worsley Civic Trust, 11 May

KFAS Annual Conference, May 15

Civic Voice talking to the Petersfield Society, May 19

Street Pride Workshop, Winchester 22 May

Civic Voice talking to the Banbury Society, May 25

Civic Voice talking to the Bury St Edmunds Society, June 2

Street Pride Workshop, Warwick 22 June

Street Pride Workshop, London 19 June

Street Pride Workshop, Manchester 26 June

Southern Comfort, Winchester, 17 July

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