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Browse and Explore Our New Heritage Open Days Website

Our keenly awaited Heritage Open Days web directory is now live, listing up to 3,500 places and events taking part across England between 11-14 September. Completely revamped with new facilities, the website allows you not only to find entries via county and regional menus but also locate your nearest events or venues within a certain mile radius. In addition, you can search for different building and event types as well as periods or styles and opening times. Those who wish to print out itineraries for their HODs weekend can select individual entries and add them to their favourites list before printing them out in a pre-styled, ink-saving print version. To encourage visitors to tell us about their HODs experiences after the event, people can rate their visit by awarding stars and leave comments for each entry. So, if you hadn't had peep yet, go to www.heritageopendays.org; there's sure to be something to suit your taste or interest.

BizFizz - Who's the Entrepreneur?

BizzFizz logo "Who's the Entrepreneur?" tells the story of how the Civic Trust and New Economic Foundations's revolutionary new business initiative, working in disadvantaged areas such as Toxteth, Jarrow and East London, is regenerating communities across the country. The book reflects the experience of the 'BizFizz' programme and draws out the lessons to effectively support entrepreneurs within their own communities, particularly those experiencing economic disadvantage. the book is largely written by practicing BizFizz coaches.

Click here if you would like to download "Who's the Entrepreneur", or to order a copy, please visit the BizzFiz website at http://www.bizfizz.org.uk/.

Green Flag Award winners 2008

West Ham Park A record number of parks and green spaces have been awarded a prestigious Green Flag Award. Last week the Civic Trust announced that 743 sites will be flying the distinctive Green Flag, including two winners in the Netherlands. 73 green spaces received a Green Pennant, which are awarded to community or voluntary groups. Over 1200 people were presented with their Flags and Pennants at a day long ceremony in Liverpool's new Arena and Conference Centre, and 500 winners enjoyed a celebratory dinner at St George's Hall in Liverpool, where Baroness Andrews, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State, Communities & Local Government, gave the keynote speech.

To see details of all the winners, please visit the Green Flag Award website now.

Securing Better Streetscape Design

Several years ago English Heritage published their well-known and essential series Streets for All, regionally-based and setting out the principles of good streetscape design in historic areas. They have now produced Streets for All: Practical Case Studies, comprising a 6-page Summary Document and ten practical examples covering the issues most of us have raised with our planning and highway authorities, with or without success:

  1. Fixing signs/lights and CCTV to buildings;
  2. Parking restrictions without yellow lines;
  3. Guardrails and crossings;
  4. Historic surfaces;
  5. Traffic calming;
  6. Tactile paving;
  7. Non-standard signs and best use of standard signs;
  8. Reducing sign cllutter;
  9. Use of white lines;
  10. How to do a street audit.

Members will find this practical information invaluable when trying to secure improvements locally. Documents can be downloaded here.

Please send us examples of your own successes to mhammerson@civictrust.org.uk

Information and Training for the Voluntary Sector

DSC books The Civic Trust would like to bring to your attention a great offer from Directory of Social Change. DSC is a charity providing essential information and training to the voluntary sector. They run courses and publish books on fundraising, management, organisational and personal development, communication, finance and law. They have recently produced four new titles including Patrons, Presidents and Personalities; Charitable Status, a practical guide to setting up and running a charity; Charity Treasurer's Handbook, and A Practical Guide to VAT.

Click here for further information on DSC, and to order publications.

Practical Advice Talk from LawWorks

LawWorks are pleased to invite you and anyone from your small charity or community group to the LawWorks Practical Advice Talk (PAT) to be held on Wednesday 13th August, and hosted by one of their

Central London member law firms.

These free legal training talks are aimed at not for profit organisations and should help them identify legal problems, avoid future legal claims and strengthen their governance by sharing best practice.

If you would like to find out more about this free event and access the registration form, please click here.

The Heritage Protection Bill

Members expressed worries to us that the Bill made no mention of Conservation Areas. The Clauses were in fact published separately, and we have now submitted our response.

Click here to find out more.

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