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Buntingford Civic Society (BCS) is a founder member of the national organisation Civic Voice and a champion of its role in influencing government policies in planning and the built environment. The Civic Voice 'Values and Vision' statement is reproduced below and I hope will provide members of BCS confidence in what is being achieved on their behalf and encourage non-members to join us.

This Spring will see the publication of the EHDC District Plan and the start of consultation on development proposed in that plan. BCS encourages everyone to participate in the consultation process for the potential impact on Buntingford and the surrounding villages is considerable, both positively and negatively. The future will see more and more engagement of the community in the planning process and now is the time to come forward and assist your Civic Society in this process.

Derek K Cooper


Civic Voice

Who We Are

Civic Voice is the national charity for the civic movement in England. We work with a network of community-based and volunteer-led civic societies and other groups to make the places where people live more attractive, enjoyable and distinctive and to promote civic pride. We believe that everyone should live somewhere they can be proud of. Over 290 civic societies with over 75,000 individual members have joined Civic Voice.

As a national voice with a local presence we seek to make a difference where it matters. You will find us lobbying in Whitehall and Westminster, speaking out in the media, campaigning with local volunteers, undertaking research, promoting partnerships and civic pride. We bring local groups together and give them a national voice. We combine community action with a sense of place for the benefit of everyone. We talk civic sense.

Our Vision

Our vision is for everyone to live somewhere they can be proud of. To achieve this we will provide the civic movement with a strong local presence and an influential national voice. We will be active on the national, city and local stage, working in partnerships across the UK. Civic societies will perform at the level of the best today and the civic movement will reach more places and benefit more people from all walks of life.

Our reputation and authority will make us the first port of call for anyone seeking to develop, conserve or interpret the quality, beauty and character of our towns, cities and villages or to engage people in shaping their future. We will be a source of civic pride and people will know us for our independence of thought, challenging perspective and positive outlook. We will listen, advise, support and act on behalf of communities everywhere. Communities will know they have a voice and a champion for the place where they live.

Our Values

Campaigning: Strong in our advocacy and promotion of the cause

Responsive: Focused on the individual and collective needs of civic societies and the civic movement

Light-footed: Maximising the use of existing resources and volunteer expertise

Grassroots: With a bottom-up feel and governance

Independent: Unfettered in our views and approach

Reaching out: Involving the whole community and spreading the benefit

Networked: Making the most of the collective strength of the movement

Our Style

Rooted in local experience: Our work is based on the 'civic sense' of local groups, not ideology

Celebrating place: We look for the positive and provide practical help and proposals which protect and improve places

Front foot: We seek to shape rather than respond to events

Engaging: We seek more opportunities for people to get involved both in the way that we work and what we advocate

Making a difference: We focus on what matters to the civic movement where we can add value and achieve change for the better

Civic Voice President: Griff Rhys Jones

Chair: Paula Ridley (Merseyside Civic Society

www.civicvoice.org.uk / Tel 0151 708 9920 / email: info@civicvoice.org.uk

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