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If I ruled Buntingford - What would I change?

I think to improve Buntingford the following, needs to happen; get more visitors to the town and be more of a community. These ideas would bring more publicity and businesses to the town.

Firstly, Buntingford should have a local gym. A local gym would enhance the fitness and health of all citizens of Buntingford. Also, I think that Ward Freeman College Swimming Pool should let under sixteen�s go free, as it is the only local swimming pool. The prices of going swimming are quite high and a lot of people can't afford to go regularly.

Secondly, there should be a family restaurant in Buntingford. So families can enjoy a nice family meal in Buntingford, without going to nearby towns, such as, Stevenage, Royston and Cambridge (etc). I know this isn't really up to the ruler of Buntingford. However, if I was the ruler of Buntingford I would encourage and advertise for a family restaurant.

Thirdly, if I ruled Buntingford, I would try and get the community centre, more involved with a wider range of the community. I would ask citizens of Buntingford what they would like the community centre to offer to them and others. Then, try and put it into place.

Fourthly, I would try and host more festivals and late night shopping events, in the main high street. As they bring good publicity, money to the town and businesses and also they are good advertising events.

Finally, I would push the council to put up more lampposts up around town. As there aren't many, and it isn't safe. Also, a lot of the lampposts around Buntingford don't work. This means they are there for no reason. Lampposts would make Buntingford a lot safer after dark.

I have a lot more ideas, how I would improve/change Buntingford if I ruled. They consist of:

  • Renovating Layston Church - which would bring back one of Buntingford's oldest remaining features and be a great place to go to worship as it is tranquil, quiet and a great place to hold a service as it isn't near a busy road or town centre. It is quite nice and secluded.
  • Try and attract more shops such as, a cafe, coffee and tea rooms, clothes shops.
  • Maybe have a small building somewhere around town, where children and young adults could come to 'hang out' together. Maybe to escape certain things or just a cool place to meet up with some friends. Either way it would help the younger residents of Buntingford to socialise with others their age, or older.

Lastly, if I ruled Buntingford I would try and improve on the community, renovations of certain areas and many more things.

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