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If I Ruled Buntingford - What Would I Change?

There are two sides to this essay, factual and fantasy, as I didn't want you to fall asleep with boredom! I wonder if you can tell the difference between the two?!

I, Megan Eustace, crowned queen of Buntingford, do hereby declare, that from this day forward the following ambitions will be set in motion;

On the present Sainsbury's depo. site, a mini Disneybuntland will be built, with a permanent fairground for all visitors to see we mean FUN! Turn the roundabout outside the fairground into a giant Helter Scelter! Of course I jest, or do I?! Turn Buntingford into a traffic free zone! Now that's more achievable!

There are far too many takeaways and hairdressers! Instead bring in some more cafes and specialist shops, like 'Punky Fish'! P.S. The Queen mum wants a 'Fat Face'!

I hereby declare all money will be abolished! No, it will not be a free for all, we will replace it with trading instead. All trading will stop on public holidays and Sundays. These will return to quality, family days!

I know I will speak for many others by officially opening Buntingford's very own chocolate factory! Ok, lets balance out with a healthy option, we will have a leisure centre complete with swimming pools, studios and gymnasiums. While on the subject of healthy options I have to ban all green veggies, but do not tell my King dad!

Have I mentioned school yet? How could I have forgotten! Needless to say learning hours will be reduced to 2 hours every day. One of which will include; 'Lets teach the teachers HOW NOT to dance during school discos'! Oops, nearly forgot to mention that learning hours will not start until 10:00am, as some of us need our beauty sleep!

As a youthful 12 year old Queen, a brand new youth club, of course, must be built! Complete with; Quiz nights, games nights, karaoke nights, gig nights and a youth theatre. Talking of being youthful, it is my birthday soon therefore I thought I should mention all residents will be allowed to have two birthdays every year, just like the Queen of England! While I am on a roll, I think Buntingford Cinema should be recreated!

I have carried out a survey of my own, and am surprised to discover that the residents of Buntingford are fed up with not being able to see a doctor when they need one, therefore I will resolve this problem by introducing a brand new health centre, complete with a youth drop-in service.

So to conclude. This essay has been a pleasure to write, and which parts are factual, and which are fantasy is completely up to you! I hope you haven't fallen asleep by this part and look forward to reading this declaration on the BBCBunt Broadcasting TV Network.

Thanks for listening!

Megan Eustace

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