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If I ruled Buntingford, what would I change?

If I ruled Buntingford, I would like to change the use of space. I would like to build a large music centre with a huge concert hall for music students who would like to show off what they have learnt. I would also like to move the houses, so that they are in one area of Buntingford. I would then put all of the shops on the area opposite to the area where the houses are. I would put Freeman college in between with Edwinstree. As for the music centre I mentioned earlier, I shall position that with the two schools. I would like to have a large concert hall, not only for children, but for adults too. This would help to demonstrate to the children how well you can do with a musical instrument if you stick to it. The music centre would offer music lessons and welcome any style of music.

It would be great for my older citizens to have an area to themselves, away from the youngsters. I would donate one corner to the older generation, with a stadium for any orchestras to perform classical music. I would be open to any of their suggestions.

If I had to change the size of Buntingford, I would make it slightly larger and try to make it so that it got more attention. For children there can be too little to do. I would build an area for sport, with a sports centre. It would be open to many sports, including skiing. In order for this to work, there shall be a steep hill with obstacles for the more experienced skiers. There shall be a smaller hill too.

With the thought of safety in mind, I would make sure that the police station was moved so that it has an ideal view of Buntingford. I would like to build a bigger fire station to ensure optimum safety from spread of fire. There would be a hospital and vet as well so the residents of Buntingford can be as healthy as possible, not forgetting their pets! A healthy Buntingford makes a happy and cheerful Buntingford!

I would like to change the shops there are and add more, especially smaller businesses. I would like to make it so that Buntingford's businesses are safe from the credit crunch and problems in business. I think that it would make people happy if there was a large sweetshop. Next to it would be a chocolate maker that would make the finest chocolates in the world to match the popularity of Braughing's famous sausages. I wish that there would be one or two supermarkets so that the local businesses can get a fair amount of profit too.

If I ruled Buntingford, I would change a great deal. I would try to make it suitable for any generation and make sure that it is a fun and exciting place to be.

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