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If I ruled Buntingford What would I change?

If I ruled Buntingford I would change a lot of things. For starters I would bulldoze the schools and replace them with Claires Shops (everything would be free). Then in Layston Court Gardens we would have ski slopes. I would extend the swimming pool and place lots of slides and diving boards.

We would then convert the Co-operative Food into Primark and Somerfield into HMV. We would get a train station so we can travel. I would ban all cars to try and reduce CO2 emissions.

We would have a big recycling centre. Also no one would be allowed to become drunk. Every Saturday there will be a party and famous singers and bands will perform.

As the schools are bulldozed we would learn via our computer. If you wanted to learn a language someone from the country would actually teach you. I would have a massive library and there were tons of books. If you wanted one which wasn�t there it could be delivered to you within the hour.

I would also have the river cleaned as it is filled with litter and not nice to look at. Also a little nesting area for the ducks. I would put a fine on dropping litter in it and have wardens patrol it.

I would also put a ban on dropping litter and gum so Buntingford can become a cleaner place. Also lots more bins need to be bought as there are hardly any.

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