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If I Ruled Buntingford What Would I Change?

The following Rules, in no particular order, will be obeyed After I Become ruler of Buntingford.

Aeroplanes will be required to fly around the town so as not to disturb the townsfolk while they are trying to sleep and also to enable us to further enjoy the sights and sounds that nature provides.

Refuse collection lorries will be fitted with air tight closeable flaps to contain the smell of the rubbish as they drive around the town. In addition they are to be fitted with an air freshner system to keep the town smelling nice.

The cage will be reinstated as a form of temporary detention of annoying younger brothers for the benefit of the girls of the town who suffer from there behaviour.

On the subject of the ongoing parking problems in Buntingford the following changes will apply:

a) That the high street will become a mainly pedestrian area. The only exception being that of necessary Deliveries to the shops.

b) The car park behind Somerfields will be purchased from east herts council to provide free parking only for the people who are shopping in the high street. People who work in and around the high street will be charged to park. But this money they can claim back from their employer.

c) Vehicles parking half on the pavement shows no consideration for pedestrians and is very dangerous. This problem will be solved by the towing away and destroying of offending vehicles.

Children need protection from the traffic in Bowling green lane. A traffic light controlled crossing will be put in place immediately.

A shop is to be opened in the high street selling all the things of interest to the young people of Buntingford. Items for sale will include: Clothes and footwear, sports wear, jewellery and make-up, art work materials, music and DVD players along with up to date CD�s and DVD�s � infact all the things we cannot buy in the town now.

Better use is to be made of the community centre with one-off events for young and not so young alike � music, films quiz or games nights. Also as a way of getting the town together, once a year Buntingford will be divided into areas and each will form a team to take part in a Sports day extravaganza in front of the centre.

We have a responsibility to look after the River Rib and its wildlife. This will happen by forming a team to clean and maintain it regularly. Litter is a problem in the river and around the town. Anyone dropping litter will be required to join the clean-up team.

To create a friendly town, people must be polite and happy when out in public places. If they are grumpy they must stay indoors until they have cheered up.

My Dad has asked for a KFC, pizza hut and Burger King but as I am the Ruler I said NO!

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