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If I ruled Buntingford, what would I change?

I think that bunting ford could be and should be more children friendly. The fair and park aside it is not really suited to people under 20.I personally would change this for certain. There should be a few more clubs. I think there should be a motocross/motorbike track in order to appeal to more of the younger generation�s male side. As well as this, any new clubs, or new developments should be advertised more. The problem at this point is that even if improvements/changes are made, then no-one can take advantage to any new facilities.

As for the feminine side, well, there should be more facilities for dance, drama and vocalists to practise and perform and, if truth be told, more opportunities. And of course more clubs, simply in general!

Also parking has become somewhat aggravating. It appears that parking around Somerfield, and in the credits fragile state is something we cannot do. I think this restriction should be removed or possibly the large car park expanded. Surely our economy needs some of these solutions??? Especially in the economy�s state? I think that parking on house roads should not be allowed, but other parking bays should be made, with time restrictions few and far between. Speeding has also become an issue. Is it possible that there are enforcements that can prevent speed and the misuse of traffic lights?

Traffic lights

There have been many near miss incidents, when people charge straight through traffic lights. I think that as soon as the stop light shows, a warning light will warn drivers of bars that rise from the ground in the manner of an automatic bollard. This would prevent pedestrian incidents. The downside to this is the fact that some people as with the traffic lights would charge into this bollard rendering the car useless and causing possibly a major traffic jam which was trying to be prevented in the first place! Perhaps there is another solution???


The speed cameras don�t solve this problem. For example, a car is doing a grand total of 85 mph on a 70 road, upon seeing the camera he slows; to 60 mph .This is hardly acceptable especially as soon as that said camera is out of it�s (fairly short) range said driver will then speed up returning to his 85 mph average .I think this could be remedied with more cameras that are closer together.

The other problem is with the fact that if a police men is monitoring the speeds then he has to make his presence known, making the said person slow down just the once .I think that there should be signs on lampposts and on all visible places that are convenient to drivers to see that police are monitoring the area and that the said police should only make their presence verbally known if it is absolutely necessary.

Buntingford does need some changes, but not many.

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