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If I ruled Buntingford, what would I change?

Buntingford is currently the nearest town to many villages that surround it. The majority of people that live in Standon, Braughing or any other nearby village go to Buntingford for many different facilities, such as the swimming pool, shops and medical help. A lot of pupils at the nearby schools hang around in Buntingford at the shops or parks during the holidays and weekends.

Very few things are available to the youth of Buntingford. The swimming pool doesn�t promote very exciting offers apart from the �fun hour�. I would change this by adding more exciting things for example:

  • �Teenagers Time� � a two hour swimming session where the latest music is played and an inflatable assault course is put in the pool, for ages between 13-16 and available on Saturdays and in the holidays
  • Because many girls can be conscious of their bodies, �ladies Night� for girls from 12-18. Similarly to �Teenagers� Time�, at the end of the night drinks will be served and a raffle draw.

Both of these ideas will encourage people to swim and be healthier, and will also result in more money for the swimming pool.

The transport in Buntingford isn�t great so I would make it easier and quicker to use bus route with buses going as far as Cambridge. Less people have to use their cars, so this is better all round for the environment and wallet, considering petrol costs a lot.

There are many different sports clubs in Buntingford but not one big sports centre or gym. A main way to bring the community closer would be to bring the sports clubs together into one big centre. For example, instead of having three football teams there could be one. The result would be that it would free up a lot more space and cut down on travel time.

There are very few shops for teenagers. Most of the shops are either for adults or young children. I would put in some mainstream clothes outlets. I would replace the current supermarkets with a small Tesco because it is cheaper and has better stock, and put in one �worth its money� restaurant/caf�. Although I would change some shops I wouldn�t change too many because Buntingford is nice as a rural area.

I would extend the library�s opening hours and in the lead up to the GCSE�s, I would put more computers and new books. Also, I would give slow readers longer to return/renew books.

Overall, not everyone will agree with these ideas but in the long-run I believe they will help the community. These changes will make Buntingford a easier place to get to, and make it more environmentally friendly and popular but still keep its rural feel. One supermarket will allow more space for other places and a sports centre promotes better health and something to do in the holidays and weekends. A lot of my ideas are based on teenagers, but that is because these are the people that will grow up in the better Buntingford.

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