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'If I ruled Buntingford, what would I change?'

If I ruled Buntingford I would try to make things better for everyone. I think everyone is equal, therefore everyone deserves a better quality of life. I would do everything in my power to make that happen.

I don�t think there are enough activities for younger members of the community. I would make sure there were more things to do instead of kicking around on street corners and being bored. As this behaviour sometimes leads to vandalism. In the summer I would organise fun games, like rounders, tennis, cricket, races and more. In the winter months I would hold different sports like rugby, hockey and other things. But if people didn�t want to play sports I would organise quiz nights, gig nights, book club meetings, drama classes and other activities. Children would have more to do so would spend less time on the streets. Parents and children alike would benefit.

I strongly believe that a community needs unity. I would try to break the divide between �them and us�. I would give everyone the opportunity to have their say. I would introduce a system where everyone gets a say. They just pick up a form and write their suggestions on it and when they have finished writing they post it into a special box.

Every few days someone will take out the suggestions and the ideas will be evaluated to see if any of the ideas would be beneficial for a happy community.

As well as trying to find activities for the younger members of the community, there are other issues that we must not lose sight of. Like making Buntingford a greener place. More resources for recycling and re-using. We could get more recycling bins for more materials, including plastics and batteries as we are limited at the moment in what we recycle and most plastics and batteries are ending up in the rubbish bin. It is very important to preserve the environment as if people keep using non-renewable resources at the rate we are now, future generations will not get to experience the privileges we do today. I feel very strongly about the matter and believe that if we all do our bit we could help save the planet.

Community spirit is an important aspect that everyone should have. In a community everyone should pull together for one another. I believe we should have art classes and other classes for adults and the elderly as adults deserve privileges as well. The classes could be funded by charity work, or we could have car boot sales. People would enjoy it immensely. It would be a chance to socialize while having fun.

If I had the chance to put these ideas into effect I would take it, as I want to see Buntingford blossom. It is a great town, but with some TLC from all it could flourish into an outstanding town, that everyone would be proud to be part of.

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