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"If I ruled Buntingford, what would I change?"

If I was fortunate enough to rule Buntingford, I would definitely change all the traffic problems around all of the villages. I would reduce the speeding, by putting speed cameras in the link way to Braughing and Puckeridge.

There should be a lower limit through these villages! I might even put a pedestrian crossing, mostly for the elderly people who find it difficult to cross the road without taking a risk.

Without question, I would put a bike track from the local villages to the local schools. I find this a very important mater, this is because Know how important it is hat children keep fit.

Putting a bike path to the schools would give a lot more children to ride safely to school and keep them fit and their mind working at full potential for the school day.

The parking behind some of the local supermarkets is not needed. Everyone parks there and it is just too crowded and should be dealt with properly.

Freman College provide some after school activities, but could provide more, to encourage the young people around Buntingford to stay fit and healthy.

Most of the main village shave week parks and it does not inspire people to get active. There is a small swimming pool in Buntingford, but it would be nice if we could have a leisure centre with all different activities.

There is a more serious side to doing this. The number of violence reports is over the roof, so I say we put a stop to it. We can do this by dotting CCTV cameras around the streets.

This would insure people that the streets should be safer and that crooks and people who want to do harm have less chance of getting away with it.

As Buntingford being the local town, I think that there should be more shops. Not supermarkets or pet shops, but some clothes shops, shops that would catch peoples eye if the saw them.

I have been to Buntingford many times, but not once have I seen or been in a descent post office. With like the news paper and magazines.

I do not think that some of the roads are wide enough it is actually a danger sometimes having to push your way through when there are cars parked on both sides.

The number of shops in Buntingford is ridiculous. I am not saying that all the shops are un- called or, but some are just silly and in the way. These shops are using up valuable space.

So as you can see Buntingford is a very calm and peaceful place that is very welcoming to everyone. But it could be even better.' Hopefully with your help and my ideas we can change Buntingford for the good Rather that the bad!

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