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If I ruled Buntingford what would I change?

"If I ruled Buntingford than I would change some things. I will start to tell the things I would change if I ruled Buntingford. Well I would change the pub next to the manor house and put a cinema in because people will have to travel to a place like Stevenage because they don't have a nearer cinema to go to. Secondly I would put a Tesco's in and get rid of co-op and Somerfield, because it will make more people come to get their shopping.

As a result I will give people an opportunity to go see what ever film they wanted to. And I would get great films like the news ones out. I would also get rid of the toilets outside Somerfield at the moment, because you will have toilets in Tesco's.

As people's opinion are saying that shops should not close earlier or close later they should stay the same. I would also make the car park in Somerfield that will be Tesco's car park bigger. That you will get more people to shop and to have a pay and display system, then whatever I will get from the pay and display machine I will put towards more things.

I will make the church that is near the manor house and make the church bigger so more people can go to church for weddings and funerals and other things that go on in a church.

Where people park near where Somerfield is and where Tesco's is going to be have double yellow lines, so people cant park there. As I rule buntingford these are my things I am going to do, but I am going to tell some more improvements I would do to Buntingford.

Well I would also put more benches for people to sit down and eat or other things. I would also put three chip shops in Buntingford because Buntingford only has two.

As Buntingford has a park, in the green bit I would build an indoor ice rink so people don't have to travel far to go ice skating, you wont have to bring your own ice skates you can hire ice skates, but if you have some ice skates then you could bring them and it will save time.

Well I am grateful I have this opportunity to enter this competition, and I hope I win this competition or get one of the runners up because I never win any competitions in my life except the one when I was little I won the coxes photo competition but I never really new till I was older so I need to win this competition.

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