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"If I ruled Buntingford I would like to change the following things."

To start with I would change the shops so there were more clothes shops and food shops. In Buntingford we need more affordable shops such as shoe shops and clothes shops so people have more choice and by bringing different shops in to Buntingford it would bring in more shoppers. Also I would like to have two market days in Buntingford as not every one can make the Monday market. I would also make the swimming pool open for longer to allow the public more time for swimming as at the moment it only has certain opening times for the public. I also would like to open a youth club for children of my age group 9-13 and one on another night for 13-16 year olds as there is nothing for children to do at night. Another think I would like to see happen in Buntingford is to see an ice rink built so families could spend time together a cinema complex for all ages to enjoy instead of people having to travel to far away places. A good place to build this would be where the old Sainsbury site it. This would help with the unemployment problem we have at the moment also it would attract more people into Buntingford as we would have something to offer them. Also to have another caf� in Buntingford as there is no longer anywhere to sit down and have a cup of tea and a snack or a chat because Munchkins the caf� has gone. So when people like my nan come into Buntingford on a bus they have to wait either in the cold or walk around the shops until the bus goes back. Outside Edwinstree middle school that I go to I think we need longer yellow lines to stop cars parking outside so I know that my friends can get to and from school safely. I also think that there should be free swimming sessions for children under the age of 13. I think there should be more climbing frames, roundabouts, seesaws, swings, and more skateboarding ramps in the park as they cost nothing to go on so people who have not got a lot of money can use them all the time. So if I ruled Buntingford the only things I would be changing in the highstreet would be brining in more shops as I think Buntingford highstreet is fine how it is and if a bigger shop like Tesco�s was to come it would kill off the normal shops like this �n� that. I like to go to Buntingford shopping as I like the food in the butchers shop. With my ideas for Buntingford it would bring more choices for people and make more people visit.

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